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IAAPA 2023 Brass Ring Award Winner

“Nails the interactive fun of VR without the headaches.”

Adam Pratt, Arcade Heroes

Want immersive gameplay but tired of dealing with VR headsets that are sometimes gross and often broken?

  • Body motion gameplay = No Wearables!
  • No attendant required = Less time to Fun!
  • Multiplayer gaming = More Fun for All!

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids.

OH NO! Our spaceship is running low on supplies! Good thing there’s a food asteroid nearby…

  • Dance and jump your way to victory and see the tickets pile up!
  • Be social! Enjoy immersive multiplayer fun with your besties!
  • Can’t find this on the App Store? Call your nearest Arcade!

Dance, Wiggle, or Floss?

Why not do it all in front of our innovative Motion Capture cabinet?

  • Industry-first depth sensor enabled ATTRACT mode.
  • Have fun with the game as far as 10 feet away!
  • Grab a friend and strike your best pose!
image-2 image-3 image-4

Cabinet Specifications

  • Shipping (Pallet) Dimensions
    • Width 62″ x Depth 41″ x Height 74″.
    • Approximate 420lbs.
  • Location Footprint: 13 square feet.
  • 55” 4K panel with tempered glass cover.
  • Waterproof speakers.
  • No assembly required.
  • Coin-op OR Bring-Your-Own-Payments.

Why Food Flight?

  • Multiplayer, family-friendly FUN!
  • Body motion controls = get your butt MOVING!
  • Customizable Operators Menu
    • Adjustable Game Timer.
    • Adjustable Redemption Values.
  • Free standing cabinet = no installation necessary.

Professionally Manufactured

  • Few mechanical parts = more uptime.
  • Splash and Dust-proof depth sensors.
  • Future-proof gaming hardware
    • Intel 12th-gen processor
    • Nvidia 4000 Series graphics
  • Standardized parts = cost effective maintenance.
  • Designed in California. Made in Taiwan.

About Us

Food Flight, by Gesture Art and Design

At GAAD, we love games and want to make fun experiences like the ones we enjoyed at arcades in our younger years!

Specifically, the two of us (Ben and Tawei) want to offer games that you can’t get at home or download to your smartphone. Applying our years of experience in interactive entertainment and calling in more favors than we can keep track of, we’re proud to bring you FOOD FLIGHT, our whimsical motion capture redemption game. 

Running on the industry’s first freestanding arcade cabinet with multiple time-of-flight depth sensors, FOOD FLIGHT is our labor of love that we hope can bring joy to an arcade near you!

Special thanks go to our incredibly supportive and loving partners and to our massively talented friends in the arts & entertainment industry here in sunny Southern California!

More About Gesture Art and Design
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